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Posted by Plette - October 30th, 2010

-Was October the 28th, making this post late.

But yes, we had our 1st anniversary for Shot-Down Again (this iteration of it, at least), and it occurred to me that I had not written anything here for a while and that I probably should.

So now you know. Come on by, check out the comic (SDA has almost 30 installments now!) and leave a comment if you want. Also check out No Pun Intended, Jimtopia's comic. He's got, like, a bazillion of those. For serious.

That's it. Bai.


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Posted by Plette - June 18th, 2010

Hey, i realize its been a while since I last posted, but I figured I'd give NG the heads up. I am now on Twitter and Formspring! So any pressing questions or stalking impulses you have can now be satisfied! Woot!

Short update on SDA; by the end of the end of the summer I will have surpassed the old SDA v.1 comic count! That is, I will have more than 25 comics made for this iteration of SDA. Which is cool. Meanwhile, Pete is nearing the 100 mark with NPI... >_> I wish I were that prolific lol

Also SDA related: the sight is getting a revamp in a few months! David has been working feverishly to get a new site model set up. It's gonna be pretty close to this one, but with a more polished, customized feel to it. We're using Comicpress right now and its working great; we're just gonna push it a bit and try to get the site we've always wanted out of it. We're looking at having a main page as a blog with links to all three of the comics on the sight.

Yeah, thats right. Three. SDA, NPI, and...well, it's not up yet. But David's gonna be making a comic. Which is awesome ^_^. I believe its gonna be very NSFW, so for the squeamish and the naive...you have been warned. The new comic will go up with the unveiling of the new site. Here,e's to a brighter future, right? Or at least a funnier one.

That's all for now. LInkage below. Peace.
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Posted by Plette - February 16th, 2010

Hey, long time no post. I'm sure at this point no one is reading this, but if you are, just know that we at Shot Down Again have been busy. I've been making comics, Jimtopia's been making comics...hell, we've even got a friend making a guest comic this week! Comics everywhere!

Just to prove to you we've been busy, I posted a few of our early ones here on NG for all to see. I skipped #3 because it was short and boring, for those who've seen them already. Just so you know.

But yes, that is the fruit of our labor. And we will continue to be fruitful.

We hope.

Until next time, everybody.


Posted by Plette - November 1st, 2009

That's really all there is to it. Site's up, functional, and kinda loaded with comics. Go there.

The site is run by myself, Jimtopia, and Amiolas. I do the main comic Shot-Down Again, Jimtopia does the mini-comic No Pun Intended, and Amiolasbasically runs the website, cuz he has skillz and we do not. But he also does some pretty crazy vector stuff, so give him a looksie. And chances are, if you're here, you already know who Jimtopia is: he's kind of a veteran in these parts.

Update schedule is as follows:
SDA - Twice a month
NPI - Mon, Wed, Fri, every week

Hope you guys enjoy. I also hope we don't get lazy and quit again. That'd be sad.


Go. Lo
ok. Laugh.

Shot-Down Again is Up!

Posted by Plette - October 22nd, 2009

Good news on the homefront: SDA has a functional website! YAY!

After three months of moderate exertion and extreme power naps (more naps than exertion), we finally have a website. It runs on ComicPress, which is a good thing, I think. Supposedly uploads will be much easier. I'm not familiar with the way they organize their archives, but hopefully that'll change soon. Currently, we're working primarily on asthetic aspects of the site, getting things to look like we put some work into it, but there are some minor things pertaining to functionality that need to be addressed as well.

Oh, and be "we," I mean Amiolas. Jimtopia and I just draw stuff.

We plan to have the site up next week around this time. This will coincide with the release of my first-ever FLASH CARTOON! *GASP* Yes, you heard me correctly! A FLASH cartoon!

Well...okay, no, thats not ENTIRELY true. I drew everything, and Jimtopia animated it. So in reality...I didn't really do anything >_> But at least I get to say I collabed for a cartoon! Thats cool, right? ^_^

So, to summarize: my first ever flash, "Crow," a collaborative effort with Jimtopia, goes up October 30th. Shot Down Again's new website goes up October 31st. Take a look at both; we've been busy making sure they'll both be worth your time :)

Posted by Plette - September 9th, 2009

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have recently come into posession of CS4 design premium and all the craziness that comes with it. Of all that craziness, the most important would be Flash. Yay! Now can draw pictures AND make cartoons! ...maybe. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but hopefully this weekend I can mess around with it and learn a thing or to about what cartooning is all about.

That aside, no new news on the SDA front. Fingers are crossed for the site to go up this weekend. The world is watching...

Posted by Plette - September 2nd, 2009

Hey, its been a while. Forgive my apparent lack of activity; we've been busy on this end trying to get things up and running. And I have good news: SDA's rebirth is nearly complete!

Hooray, yay, YAY! Cheers all around! ...or groans; we'll take what we can get. At any rate, David (Amiolas) has the site just about finished; last I heard was he'd sent it to our server guy, Sharpshark, and he was in the process of formatting the site for the new comic script. Or something to that effect. I don't really know; I just draw the pictures.

Speaking of which, I have been hard at work from my distant corner of the world, trying to produce material with which to fill our new site. Hopefully it is at the very least satisfactory; I'd shoot for higher but I don't want to disappoint. Pleasant surprises are much better. From what Peter/Jimtopia has told me he has also been squeezing in comics for his portion of the site, which I may or may not have mentioned will be updated three times a week (that's the idea, anyway). Both of us have a pretty decent buffer waiting in the wings, so if something should come up we will still be able to post material for a couple months...or a couple weeks. Depends on your appetite for AWESOME!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The main point is this: the site should be up SOON. Like, within a few days soon. Pete and I have material to post. There will be a party, and you should all come. We have cookies. >_> Maybe.


Posted by Plette - July 28th, 2009

Well, it's high time I started contributing. So here I go! I'm uploading a series of comics way back when in what I feel is a devious and clever marketing ploy, heheheheh...

You see, about 3 years back, during my sophomore year of high school, my and a couple other friends (You may know them as Jimtopia and Amiolas) started a webcomic called Shot Down Again. It had a good 7 month run with a very modest following before school and other responsibilities (particularly my responsibility to my impulsive laziness) forced me to set it aside.

The website remained something of an abandoned warehouse for about a year before Jimtopia and Amiolas picked it up again and decided to take a crack at reviving it. By this point I was deeply entrenched in the struggle between some brutal AP classes and an early outbreak of senioritis (a common affliction among upperclassmen with symptoms including chronic laziness and excessive sloth). Needless to say, I couldn't provide much assistance beyond a "passing of the torch" opening comic, so they were on their own. If memory serves I think they got three comics done before they too fell victim to the rampant senioritis epidemic that was sweeping through the Tristate area like a herd of really pissed off tornadoes. I think it's a real shame, because Jimtopia had been doing SDA sketches in a notebook for months by the time he got around to inking and coloring them for the web...he just got tired of inking and coloring :(

So our brainchild was once again abandoned to collect dust and rot away in the bowels of the interwebz...

You see, the three of us figure we've found out how to work around this insipid laziness that seems to crop up every time we make an attempt at productivity, and we hope that our new approach will prove more successful than the last. Here is a brief summary of our general plan of attack:
1) We will NOT be sticking to a strict update schedule. I can meet a weekly deadline, sure, but that just causes my to burnout on it way too fast, and then trying to make ends meet when I have school stuff to deal with is such a PAIN. So, we've decided that we'll update it whenever we have a finished product to show you guys.
2) Seeing as how this approach could end up leaving our readers with less than a comic a month, we've decided to expand our repertoire of material. Basically, both Jimtopia and I will be working on comics at the same time. We'll each have our own gallery, and we'll both be producing things to be read and chuckled at. And since we intend to follow different comicking formats (I tend to go for longer comics while Jimtopia intends to produce a single-panel "ponderable" every other weekday), there will hopefully be a steady flow of material available.
3) We are also considering adding podcasts and flash tomfoolery to the site. Who knows? It could be fun!

With that in mind, we hope to have a revamped and fully operational site ready with fresh material by the end of August. Amiolas, our tech-meister, is working feverishly to meet our stringent demands, and so far, it looks as though he will deliver ^_^. So with that in mind, I would like to make one final plug for our site:

VISIT www.shotdownagain.com! VERSION 3.0 COMING THIS AUGUST!


Wow, I got really distracted from my original point. Okay, so basically, I'm going to upload all the old comics that I was responsible for during SDA's first incarnation. That way, you Newgrounds folks can get a feel for what we're all about. Hopefully you will be amused. Hopefully. We shall see...

Posted by Plette - July 26th, 2009

So I just got back from the Newgrounds party after Comic-Con, and I gotta say, I feel more inspired than I have felt in my entire life. Meeting the very men that have made so many days tolerable was an honor and a privilege, and I owe this all to Egoraptor. While I may be mistaken, I can't shake the feeling that cosplaying as the Girlchan in Paradise characters was what earned us an invite to the party, and from Tom Fulp, no less. And once I was in I met the Swain, HappyHarry, Krinkels, Kirbopher, LazyMuffin, Anagen, Jonas, and JohnnyUtah (also wanna shout out to Mike the programmer; awesome meeting you too! :) It was like I'd died and gone to heaven, only to realize that heaven consisted of cross-faced serial killers, recolored video game characters, crappy drawings with funny jokes, and penises. Lots of penises.
COCK JOKE. ^_^ Glad to have joined the fold.