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Dude, where's the theme song?

That is ALL this thing is missing. Heck, any of the old fight tracks would be awesome here. See about including it in the next one, k?

Very cool

It kinda floors me that you're the mind behind one of the lightest cartoons on newgrounds, and then you come up with something like this. Great choice in music; that really pushed the movie to the next level. I do agree with the one guy, watching a chat log generally isn't the most entertaining thing in the world, but I think you made it work. Really well, at that.

The only thing I'd recommend would be to make the kid's glasses a different color; they're kinda hard to see. Maybe up the contrast in the kid's room, too. Beyond that though, everything looks great. The chat log was well designed, loved the kid's expressions, and the timing with that final line was spot-on. Looking forward to more like this!

Jimtopia responds:

My brother had the same idea with his glasses color, and I will admit, it is hard to tell that they're there, but when I was designing the character, I was trying to put a lot of emphasis on the eyes, and I thought making the glasses a lighter color would be the right way to go, but in retrospect, it was probably not the best idea. Ah well, hindsight's 20/20 I suppose.

I'm glad you mentioned the final line, because that went through a lot of workshopping before I finally got it just right, and I'm happy that you mentioned it. Thanks for the review man. Now GET ON SKYPE. BLARGH.

Why did you kill Cojiro?

He was, like, my favorite character!

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The in-game ads just killed it for me

I dunno if this is specific to this game or if its a new thing with newgrounds, but my game was just paused for 240 seconds so it could flash an ad in my face. Thats just crap. This is a fun game, but...damn ads. Not cool.

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That made my lol. Made Sarah lol too. You really need to let me know when you post stuff like this; its hilarious XD

Megaman, anyone?

Reminds me of the the original Megaman series. Love the pacing and the change in tone halfway through. Great work man!

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Thanks a lot man!

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Old-school FF Vibe is very cool

This really reminds me of the concept work they did for some of the older Final Fantasy games. Very colorful, very flight-of-fancy. I like :)

Pretty kickass; I'm a fan ^_^

My only complaint is the rather bland lighting. Given that this dude is spitting lightning out of every orafice, I think that a greater contrast between the lit and shaded portions of the dragon would make it a much more dynamic pic.

Beyond that, though, this is stunning. The wings kind of remind me of the Thunder Bird from LoZ II; brings back fond memories.

Kinda Looks Like Princess Mononoke

Good drawing. Very nice coloring and good texture.



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